Marketing Sonar logoIn Marketing I've seen only one strategy that can't miss -- and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last.  -- John Romero
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Put Sonar Power to Work in Your Business
Marketing Sonar market research and consulting services empower clients to understand and successfully retain and attract various target audiences. Select your areas of interest below, then click the Contact Us button below to see how Marketing Sonar can help maximize your relationships.


Attract new prospects using satisfied customer endorsements

Improve the success of new business proposals

Effectively pursue new channels to market

Identify critical prospect terminology to capture a new market


Create loyal customer evangelists or advocates for your brand

Build a strong base of satisfied customers

Incorporate customer-recommended business improvements

Open a dialogue with resistant customers

Overcome known points of customer dissatisfaction

Propel customer sales from "stalled" status to "growth" status

Halt customer defection

Use in-depth customer insights to keep your brand top-of-mind

Retain business relationships by using actionable recommendations

Remove barriers to customer purchase and repurchase

Find out what customers really think

Gather customer confessions and beliefs

Reveal underlying information and behavior drivers

Improve satisfaction


Find out what employees really think

Detect reasons for dissatisfied or defecting employees

Identify key motivators for retention

Reveal necessary incentives to reach growth goals or improvements

Solidify your service by committing employees to business success

Identify and address problematic work-flow issues

Identify key factors that stifle employee commitment and personal growth

Retain employees by identifying what motivates them


Invest distributors in the success of your business

Determine best practices for mutual growth

Enlist distributors in addressing your key distribution issues

Reveal outdated policies that form business barriers

Identify and incorporate distributor-recommended business improvements

Enlist distributor advocates in disseminating mutual-benefit messages

Create mutually beneficial goals with distributor partners

Gain distributor share of mind