Marketing Sonar logoIf you want to know what I think of your business, just ask me.  If you really want to know what I think, have somebody else ask me. -- VP Marketing, B2B Service Company
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Navigating Business Communication with Sound Insight

Marketing Sonar was founded to provide business-to-business companies insight into what drives and keeps customers, employees and distributors. These days, business contacts are not comfortable sharing opinions and information directly with company personnel. Our objective, third-party position and expertise give us a unique edge to strengthen these critical relationships through knowledge and improved communication.

Our behavioral research and marketing consulting services uncover the beliefs and behaviors of customers, employees and distribution partners. Clients repeatedly turn to our retention programs to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business relationships and communications. As a result, our clients understand, speak and behave more like their prospects and customers.

By listening to what customers say, and how they say it, Marketing Sonar overcomes barriers to brand consideration and loyalty. Our research approach detects unspoken customer relationship roadblocks, and reveals untapped client promotional potential. Our strategic communications truly resonate with target audiences, resulting in accelerated acceptance of client brands through the buying cycle.

Our President, Susan Baushke, is a career marketer who specializes in business-to-business customer relationships, market research, integrated brand marketing and communications. She is a popular platform speaker, having trained thousands of professionals in over 15 countries world-wide. She has created strategic marketing programs and led research efforts with numerous customers, distribution partners and company executives, including Airbus, AMD, Boeing, Ericsson, Intel, ITW, Nokia, 3M, and W.W. Grainger. Her extensive communications abilities, life cycle and buying cycle expertise have positively impacted industries spanning from arts and entertainment, to do-it-yourself products, chemicals, engineered materials, medical devices, marketing services, internet technology and professional services.

Prior to founding Marketing Sonar, Susan led critical activities in customer retention, market research, brand development, communications, product development and acquisition integration. Her insight had significant impact on the creation of customer and distributor advisory councils, entries into new global market areas, creation of new corporate brands, and streamlining of company services to provide consistent quality and delight customers.